Planos a 15 Dólares!

Trata-se duma Pistola de Elásticos, semi-automática, 8 tiros, fácilmente montada em casa em 30 minutos.

Agora, dentro em breve, vão ter as peças por encomenda…

É só mais um pouco, e poderão encomendar, e receber as peças, mais as Instrucções de montagem,  em casa!

E toca a montar!


2 Responses to “Planos a 15 Dólares!”

  1. 1 Ferreira Lopes 26 de March de 2010 at 2:21

    Hy there! Just to say that I have received my Rubber band gun and I’m really surprised with the accuracy and working mechanism of this anti stress toy!!! I take it to my office and guess what???? SUCCESS!!!! Every one wants to try and I want to buy 2 more of this to offer my brothers! You’re right when you say I would love it!!! Congratulations and thank you for the great idea!!! I can spend the entire day office just kicking my front partner with this!!! eheheh!!!
    I HATE HIM!!!!
    If I buy this 2 more can I get a discount on each???
    Tell me something!!!

  2. 2 edgarinventor 9 de April de 2011 at 15:23

    Glad you’ve liked it, thanks! 😀

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