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The 3D Elastomatik, for sale, at Sculpteo!

Here it is, now, go and get one!


Elastomatik done on 3D!

Here it is, the 3D file, ready to print, an stl file, with the pegs to print it in one piece, then separate and assemble like any Airfix model… Soon to be uploaded.

Close to 50% off, on Laser cut, everywhere you buy!

Yup, now, it’s a lot cheaper for you to receive the coveted Laser cut pieces of the ElastomatiK…

How did I do it?

A faster cutting set of drawings, less curves, no numbering on easily recognizable pieces, etc, so you can have the same, for less!

Here’s what it looked like, before…

…And now, less blurb, same design!

And yes, faster and therefore, cheaper!

3D Printed, now, the new BusStopper!!!

Yes, 3D printed by Sculpteo, now you can have it ready-made, sent to you, you’ll just paint the textured sides black, so, in this image, for example, when painted, it shows the number 9.

Just go and buy it!

Sculpteo Link

A Free Sketching Box for New Zealand!

What can you do, to cheer New Zealand fabbers up, after those cumbersome Earthquakes?

Why, get them to learn how to sketch the easy way, with this free plans Sketch Box!

Or something…

Hey,  just go and do it, guaranteed results, it’s child’s play! 😀

Go there:

A Video

…And if you still have problems loading the rubber bands, here’s a short Video:

How do you place the Rubber Bands?

This way: